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The following list contains only books. For lack of space, we have excluded the proceedings, book chapters and special issues of journals in which J.-M. Proth was involved.

"Mathematical technics in production planning", by A. BENSOUSSAN, M. CROUHY and J.M. PROTH, North Holland Publishing, 1983.
"Systèmes flexibles de production. Conception préliminaire", by J.M. PROTH and H.Q. de GROMARD, Masson, 1986.
"Pratique de la simulation en production discontinue", by J.B. CAVAILLE and J.M. PROTH, Syprodis, 1987.
"Mathematical Tools in Production Management", by J.M. PROTH and H. HILLION, Plenum, 1990. ISBN: 0-306-43358-3.
"Conception préliminaire et gestion des systèmes de production", J.M. PROTH, P.U.F., 1992.
"Practice of Petri Nets in Manufacturing", by F. DICESARE, G. HARHALAKIS, J.M. PROTH, M. SILVA and F. VERNADAT, Chapman & Hall, 1993.
"Les réseaux de Petri pour la conception et la gestion des systèmes de production", by J-M. PROTH and X. XIE, Masson, 1994.
"L'ordonnancement et ses applications", by C. CHU and J-M. PROTH, Masson, 1996.
"Petri Nets: A Tool for Design and Management of Manufacturing Systems", by J-M. PROTH and X. XIE, Wiley and Sons, 1996.
"Conceptção e Gestão dos Sistemas de Produção", by J-M. PROTH, Rés-Editora Lda, Portugal, 1997.
"Supply Chain Design.  Strategic and Tactical Perspectives", by M. GOVIL, i2 Technologies, Dallas, Texas and J.M. PROTH. Foreword by Sanjiv Sidhu, CEO, i2 Technologies, Dallas, Texas, Academic Press, 2002.
"Les chaînes d’approvisionnement: conception, contrôle et outils", S. S. CHAUHAN, C. DURON and J.-M. PROTH, Hermes, 2003.
« Les systèmes de production modernes » : Volume 1 : conception, gestion et optimisation, 415 pages,Volume 2 :outils et corrigés des exercices, 379 pages »,  A. DOLGUI et J.M. PROTH, Hermes Lavoisier, coll. Finance, Gestion, Management, 2006.
Supply Chain Engineering. Useful Methods and Techniques”, 541 pages, A. DOLGUI, J.-M.PROTH, Springer, 2010.