Proth Jean-Marie
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    Ph.D  THESES

 The 28 Ph.D theses advised by Professor Proth are listed below. Those marked * are written in French.

1. LEOPOULOS, V.I., "* A simulation software for Petri Nets in MacLisp", University of Paris Dauphine (France), 1985
2. HAOUBA, A., "* Optimal policy in production management: a two level management system with concave costs", University of Paris Dauphine (France), 1985.
3. DRIDI, N., "* Scheduling optimization of constrained tasks", University of Paris Dauphine (France), 1985.
4. VOYATZIS, K., "* Use of artificial intelligence for solving scheduling problems", University of Paris Dauphine (France), 1987.
5. LIBOSVAR, C., " Hierarchical production management: the flow-control layer", University of Metz (France), 1988.
6. PORTMANN, M.C., "* Spatial and temporal decomposition methods in production scheduling", University of Nancy I (France), 1987.
7. HILLLION, H., "* Modeling and analysis of discrete production systems using timed event graphs", University of Paris VI (France), 1989.
8. MEIER, K., “* Hierarchical control of a production system", University of Metz (France), 1989.
9. XIE, X., "* Hierarchical control of unreliable production systems", University of Nancy I (France), 1989.
10. BENBRAHIM, N., "* Event graphs for control and evaluation of job-shops and assembly systems", University of Rabat (Morocco), September 12, 1990.
11. CHU, C., "* New analytical approaches and the concept of artificial memory for various scheduling problems", University of Metz (France), 1990.
12. LAFTIT, S., "* Deterministic and stochastic event graphs : application to manufacturing systems", University of Paris IX - Dauphine (France), 1991.
13. NAGI, R., " Design and operation of hierarchical production management systems", The University of Maryland at College Park (USA), 1991 - Co-advisor : Dr. G. HARHALAKIS.
14. HAMANN, T., "* Discrete systems layout: a new theory and new results for the intra-cell problem", University of Metz (France), 1992.
15. SAVI, V., "* Extension of deterministic Petri nets and application to the manufacturing system evaluation problem", University of Metz (France), 1994.
16. SOUILAH, A., "* Discrete systems layout: new results for the inter-cell problem", University of Metz (France), 1994.
17. SAUER, N., "* Stochastic event graphs and application to discrete manufacturing systems", University of Metz (France), 1994.
18. CHU, F., "* Qualitative properties of Petri nets and their implication in manufacturing systems design", University of Metz (France), 1995.
19. WANG, L., "* Integration of Petri net models to preserve qualitative properties", University of Metz (France), 1995.
20. LEVENTOPOULOS, M., "A new class of Petri nets for modeling, planning and scheduling of flexible manufacturing systems", Master thesis, MS 94-10, The University of Maryland at College Park, MD (USA).
 21. MEHRA, A., "Design of hierarchical production management systems based on perturbation analysis", The University of Maryland at College Park (USA), July 14, 1995.
22. WOLFF, P., "* Predictive maintenance: A stochastic approach", University of Metz (France), 1996.
23. ANTONIO, J., "* Bin-packing problems: Analysis and solving of some industrial problems", University of Metz (France), 1997.
24. CHAUVET, F., "* Scheduling problems with WIP regulation", University of Metz (France), 1999.
25. HAFEZ, N., "* Optimization of a pool of individual electric vehicles in self service", University of Metz (France), 1999.
26. DURON, C., "* Real time scheduling of multifunction radar", University of Metz (France), 2002.
27. CHAUHAN, S. S., "* Supply Chains: Modeling and Evaluation at the Strategic Level", University of Metz (France), 2003.
28. AWASHI, A., ”Transportation problems in autonomous transportation systems”, University of Metz (France), 2004.