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1. Production planning and control (Flow Control, Scheduling, Planning, Hierarchical Production Management).
The research in these areas has requested special efforts in:
- Solving systems of partial differential equations, especially for the design of buffer stocks
- The development of specific algorithms for some scheduling problems in real time.
- Supply chains design.
- Line balancing.
Some other researches, such as solving bean-packing problems, have been conducted under the same umbrella.
2. Modeling, Analysis and Evaluation of Discrete Event Systems.
In addition to standard tools provided by operations research, we made a special effort to promote:
- Petri Nets for modeling and analyzing the behavior of discrete event systems,
- Data Analysis for design of production systems
3. Group Technology.
   An innovative tool to perform in real time, the cross-classification has been developed in this area. This algorithm, called GPM, was originally applied to matrices whose elements are 0 and 1. The goal is to make not encroached diagonal blocks appear so as to maximize the sum of the number of 1 located inside the blocks and the number of 0 outside. Many extensions of this algorithm have been proposed.
GPM is used not only in group technology and manufacturing layout, but also to decompose linear systems of very large size in order to approximate the solution.
4. Logistics
In addition to approaches that use the usual tools of operations research, we proposed an algorithm which proceeds by division of the territory and can guide a vehicle in a city, taking into account fluctuations in traffic.